How do you quantify credibility? You could describe your alleged credentials to a client until you’re blue in the face. The fact is, hearsay means little in marketing. Instead, you’ll want to focus your efforts toward gaining certification in the most well-known marketing programs currently being offered within the industry. And with these 5 brand certifications you can let the fruits of your labor do the talking.

1.    Hootsuite Academy

If you haven’t heard of Hootsuite, then you’re not in the marketing industry! Hootsuite is one of the de facto platforms for managing your various social media accounts and it’s one of the best. These days, the company has branched out even further to offer Hootsuite Academy, which is a curriculum designed around social marketing training. After you’re done learning the ins and outs of everything to do with modern day marketing, they’ll allow you to take a certification exam. If you pass, you can proudly display their well-known and esteemed certification. The price for the program is reasonable, at $99.00.

2.    LinkedIn Learning

You may remember the prolific instructional website known as It made a name for itself in the last decade as the go-to source for online learning. And their marketing courses were as robust as the rest of their catalogue. Recently, LinkedIn purchased Lynda and its expansive content and rebranded it as “LinkedIn Learning”. With their acquisition, Lynda’s myriad of marketing courses came with them. With over 60 marketing courses and hours of tutorials, you’ll be a marketing master in no time. The cost to subscribe to LinkedIn Learning is $25.00 per month and every program you complete will come with its own certificate to show off to clients.

3.    Digital Marketing Degree via Udacity

From the same minds behind Hootsuite comes Udacity, a three-month crash course in digital marketing used by the likes of Google and Facebook. They cleverly call their curriculum a “nanodegree” and the name fits the program completely. It’s longer than most programs in the industry and it’s definitely more in-depth. You’ll learn the fundamentals and also dive into the nitty gritty details of marketing. And after finishing the program you’ll receive hands-on support toward finding a career in the industry. Of course, you’ll also receive a certificate as proof that you made the commitment. The price of a Udacity nanodegree is $999.99, a steal compared to the tuition costs of college!

4.    Boot Camp Digital

Nothing evokes the idea of hard-earned success like the term “boot camp”. And you can wear that moniker with pride by completing a social media certification via Boot Camp Digital, which is a longstanding program that offers 60+ hours of instructional content. Their curriculum is constantly updated and covers marketing theory while also focusing on specific marketing strategies for all of the most popular platforms. With clients like NASA and Nike, you know the material is sophisticated. Participants in the Boot Camp Digital certification program are also treated to one-on-one sessions with a social media trainer. At the end of the program, you’re given a certification that is well recognized and respected by marketing professionals all over the world. The cost of Bootcamp Digital’s certification is $997, which cleverly undercuts Udacity!

5.    IQ Certification with Google Analytics

Gone are the days when Google was just a search engine. These days, they’re digital pioneers and industry leaders all rolled into one. And no longer should you consider Google Analytics a simple tool for managing your marketing stats. Google has unveiled a program they’ve dubbed Google Analytics Academy, which is a certification program that builds your knowledge of advanced marketing techniques and metrics knowledge. This course is unique in that it focuses on your ability to interpret data. It’s a great way to show clients that you’re not just in love with the whimsy of marketing and the stories you tell, but that some component of you is a hard-nosed statistician. Their certification exam is known as the Google Analytics Qualification Assessment and it’s completely free!

Certifications Show Your Relevance in the Marketing Industry

When you can boast that you’ve done the work, spent the money, and earned well-known and prestigious marketing certifications, then you’re telling potential clients that you’re a relevant and knowledgeable figure in the industry. In a time when everyone can claim that they’re an SEO expert, your certifications tell people that you actually do understand search engine ranking. Most of all, you’ve put in the time to learn everything you know about your craft. That tells its own story—that you’re a hardworking and sophisticated marketer.