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Top 10 Logo Design Trends Of 2019

Trends come and go, but it’d be a mistake to overlook their power. Yet, your brand identity is critical to succeeding in 2019. And as always, each year heralds in a new aesthetic. What are the most successful graphic designers doing in 2019?

1.    Typographical Logos

Typography is here to stay and it’s still one of the classiest ways to bring sophistication to your brand, especially in website design. In 2019, expect to see an even more minimalist approach to typographical logos—we’ve been seeing an emphasis on single letter logos.

2.    Abstract Minimalism

Just like typography, minimalism in design has always had staying power. And in 2019, you’ll still see plenty of it. Notably, trends are leaning more toward abstracted minimalism—basically, loose forms and symbolism that convey a meaning for your brand but not in an overt way.

3.    Handmade Logotypes

We’re a culture inundated with digital output from all angles. So it stands to reason that we’re all looking to the past for some fresh inspiration. Because of this, handmade logotypes have come back into fashion in a big way. That hand lettered look gives a personal edge to your brand in a period where we’ve all become jaded by the pervasion of faceless brands.

4.    Logotype & Iconography Hybrids

Can you have your cake and eat it, too? Sometimes! In the age of the emoji, we’ve become a culture that has really latched onto iconography. And that trend is making its way into design and branding. More and more, we’re seeing brands with typographical logos where a letter or group of letters are replaced with an icon of some kind. It’s an interesting twist on both ideologies and it’s a fresh look for 2019.

5.    Elaborate, Hand Illustrated Logos

It’s easier than ever to connect to artists in the world. In 2019, we’re seeing a lot of hand illustrated logos that scream boldness and confidence. Be it a well-known or indie artist, a lot of brands are choosing to cover their products and pages with elaborate and assertive designs that are as much eye-catching as they are beautiful.

6.    Bright & Bold Colors

The electric pinks and blues of the 80s have come back around and, with time on their side, have returned to us matured and thoughtful. Bright and bold colors are all the rage in 2019. When used tactfully, colors that buzz with electricity can be exactly what your eclectic brand needs.

7.    Colorful Gradients

Gradient logos really exploded when Adobe Photoshop first came to the masses. Suddenly, the concept of blending colors, hues, and shades together became trivial. And of course we all latched on to the idea and overused it. The gradient has had some time to grow in our collective imagination and has emerged again in 2019. It may refer to itself as “ombré” these days, but it’ll always be an effective and beautiful way to blend color.

8.    Adaptive Logo Designs

If you’re a professional graphic designer, then you know all about brand usage guides for logo design trends in 2019. And you may see them get even more complicated in the future. These days, we consume brands on a variety of widely differing platforms. In order to accommodate this brand new kind of interaction, many brands are building “adaptive logos” that will change and morph depending on the medium. In 2019, your favorite company’s logo may look different on your smartphone than on your tablet or computer.

9.    Minimalistic Geometry

A beautiful new logo design trend is rooted in the use of basic geometric shapes that come together into simple iconography. This style is heavily inspired by the avant-garde style of art by the likes of painters Piet Mondrian and Kasimir Malevich. While the inspiration comes from abstract art, designers are using the inspiration to create logos that are more literal and symbolistic. In many cases, we are utilizing these logo’s on winning proposals for architects, contractors, and law firms.

10. Clever Negative Space

Negative space is essential in all art forms. You’d be nowhere without it. But in 2019, many designers are using negative space in clever ways. With some thought, you can often hide a symbol or two within the negative space of an image. We’ve all heard of the arrow hidden in the FedEx logo, but some designers are getting pretty elaborate. A great example is the logo for the Pittsburgh Zoo.

What Logo Design Trends Are Here To Stay?

2019 is full of innovation in logo design trends. But what’ll be pervasive enough to become a timeless facet of design culture? It’s hard to say. An easier answer would be; good design is good design. Every trends springs from one single inspired source. So take these trends and run with them—make then your own and see if you can’t create the style of 2020 while you’re at it!